Goat Care and Kidding Season Class


Conformation and V-Showing Class 

May 27th 2017 in Minerva, OH

If you are like me, it is much easier to learn new things hands-on than by reading a book.  This is why we are offering a hands-on class on goat keeping.  We will cover the basics of goat care as well as get into more advanced aspects of goat keeping with kidding topics. We are also doing a class on conformation and virtual showing.

LOCATION: Minerva, OH (address will be sent after signup)

DATE: May 27th, 2017

Class: Goat Keeping Basics Conformation and V-showing
What you learn:


Hoof trimming

Administering shots

Re-arranging a kid during birth

Using a weight tape & measuring height

Pasture maintenance & fencing

 Feed, minerals, worming

Using herbs & essential oils for goats

And lots more!

Basic conformation

Strengths, weaknesses and faults

How to trim your goat for a v-show

How to set your goat up for pictures

How to take good pictures

Q&A time


Time 9:30am-1pm 2pm-5:30pm
Cost/person: Adults: $25
Children 8-18: $10
Children under 8 Free
Max per family: $80
Adults: $25
Children 8-18: $10
Children under 8 Free
Max per family: $80
Cost for both classes together:
**Includes taco bar lunch**
Adults: $45
Children 8-18: $20
Children under 8: $5
Max per family: $150

Current GoatMentor Members discounts: 10% off for 2*M and 25% off for 3*M

Class registration:





Other family members attending (please list names and ages of children):