Welcome to The GoatMentor website!  We have a large range of services and tools to help every goat-keeper whether you are new to goats or have been raising them for years.  Here are a few of the features offered:

We offer 4 levels of membership to be able to provide the best benefit for your needs at minimal cost.

FREE Level is the basic package that all other levels are built off of.  This includes a monthly newsletter and other helpful and fun information.

Level 1*M is geared towards those who are just starting in goats.  Perfect for the 4-Her, pet goat owner, or anyone in their first year or two of goats.

Level 2*M is geared towards those who plan to breed their goats, milk them and raise a few kids, but do not really plan on breeding extensively.

Level 3*M is for the serious goat breeder.  If you want to raise the best goats and become known as a reputable breeder, this level is for you.  All the tools you need and plenty of articles and tutorials to help your herd flourish.

The GoatMentor Services








Monthly E-Newsletter
includes tips & tricks, links to articles, videos & how-tos, goat jokes…
Included Included Included Included
20+ Goat keeping articles Included Included Included Included
Goat Milk Recipes Included Included Included Included

The Natural Goat Guide
Your online resource for managing goats naturally

Comprehensive, step-by-step goat care from birth through weaning, breeding, pregnancy, kidding, milking & retirement. 



Included Included
Additional Guidance with Each Package:
  Selecting Your New Goats - Included Included Included
  Safe Transportation of Kids - Included Included Included
  Bottle-feeding a Goat Kid - Included Included Included
  Green Gables Grain Recipe - Included Included Included
  Choosing a Good Hay - Included Included Included
  Milking Procedures - - Included Included
  When is My Doe Ready to Breed? - - Included Included
  Recognizing the Signs of Labor - - Included Included
  Giving a Birthing Hair Cut - - Included Included
  Tail Ligaments - A Sign of Labor (Free Video) - - Included Included
  Increasing Milk Production with Herbs - - - Included

Solving Udder Issues (mastitis, cowpox, injuries...)

- - - Included
  What to do With All That MILK! - - - Included
  Getting a Better Buckling/Doeling Ratio - - - Included
  Keeping Water Thawed Without Electricity - - - Included
Goat keeping spreadsheets with built in calculations        
  Individual goat records sheet
(with due date calculator)
- Included Included Included
  Milk record sheets
(with totals, averages and peaks calculated)
- Included Included Included
  Cocci Prevention Sheet
(natural method & calculates dosage for Di-Methox 12.5%)
- Included Included Included
  Breeding Season Planning
(calculates generations and percentages for Mini dairy goats)
- - Included Included
  Pedigree template - just add names! - - Included Included
  Kidding records sheet
(calculates average weight, tattoo numbers, buck/doe ratio & more)
- - Included Included
  Receipt template for sold goats - - - Included
  Price calculating spreadsheet - make pricing your goats EASY - - - Included
  Goat breeding evaluation & breeding choice tool - - - Included
Access to other GoatMentor articles        
  How to Get Great Tasting Milk Included Included Included Included
  How to Prevent Mastitis Included Included Included Included
  How to Prepare a Goat Kidding Kit - Included Included Included
  How to Market Your Goats - coming soon - - Included Included
  How to Prepare Your Goat for a Show - coming soon - - Included Included
  And LOTS more… - Included Included Included
GoatMentor videos        
  Funny Videos (Doe's Secret Code of Honor, etc.) FREE FREE FREE FREE
  Training Videos (disbudding, hoof trimming, etc.) FREE FREE FREE FREE
Marketing advice - - - Included
Discount on hands-on classes - - 10% 25%
Phone consultations per year



2 hrs

($50 value)

4 hrs

($100 value)







The GoatMentor is always looking to improve our services and we frequently add more articles, videos and tools.  Each update will be announced in The GoatMentor e-newsletter.


The GoatMentor Credentials

We have been raising dairy goats since 1997.  Miniature dairy goats have been our focus although the standard sized goats have had a place in our herd as well.  We have always strived to manage our goats as naturally as possible and have done lots of research into holistic, natural goat care.  We have been mentoring the buyers of our goats for many years and have finally decided to let this be available to more people so others can benefit too!goats browsing

Green Gables MiniNubians (the GoatMentor's herd) has become well known as one of the best MiniNubian farms in the world.  Everyone who visits comments on the health and wonderful personalities of the animals.

Sign up today to be mentored on how to raise your own goats to the same quality!