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MoonBeam pictured as a 3 year old here - our bucks are gentle and friendly.  The smaller size of the MiniNubian makes them SO much easier to handle.  My friend's standard Nubian and LaMancha bucks heads come up to my shoulder!!!

Listed here are our MiniNubian bucks.  For more information on a buck, click his picture or his name to view his personal page with extended pedigree, more pictures and kid information.  Individual pages are picture heavy and may take a while to load. All our bucks are G6S normal.

Green Gables GS Remember the Battle
6th generation - PUREBRED

Sire: Echo Hill's DO Goldstone (5th gen)
ss: Echo Hill's Dominator (5th gen)
sd: Echo Hill's Black Opal 2*P (4th gen)
Dam: Green Gables Cali Luna (5th gen)
ds: VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam *B (4th gen)
dd: VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P (4th gen)

G6S Normal by parentage

REMMY looks to be the best buck I have ever bred.  He is well deserving of being purebred. His dam, Cali is out of two of our best ever animals, Moonbeam and Sapphire.  Her udder is the best I've ever bred and I cannot find a fault with it - high, wide rear udder, snug attachments with a nice medial, correctly placed and sized teats that are easy to milk, excellent capacity, smooth foreudder... She has the ideal udder.  Remmy's sire, Goldstone, puts incredible breed character on his kids and lovely conformation.  He also comes from great milkers.  Remmy himself has gorgeous breed character and incredible conformation.  His is long and wide, wide, WIDE throughout.  I look forward to using this boy on many does. We have retained one of Remmy's 2017 daughters, Nellie. 

Dam's second freshening udder 


Granddam and Maternal Great-Granddam

Echo Hill's DO Goldstone

5th generation - American

  Sire: Echo Hill's Dominator (5th gen AM)
ss: Echo Hill's Cracker Jack
sd: Echo Hill's Tiara's Ruby Red
Dam: Echo Hill's Black Opal 2*P (4th gen AM)
ds: Forget-Me-Not Octavian
dd: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie 1*P

DOB: 6/01/12

G6S Normal by testing

GOLDSTONE is our buck from Echo Hill's.  He brings in some new lines as well as going back to a few that I have in my herd already.  He has GORGEOUS breed character with super LOOOONG, wide ears.  His dam is an excellent milker who easily earned her milk star as a first freshener.  Opal is very easy to milk as well.  His sire is an amazing buck who did great things in Dannette's herd.  He is wildly moonspotted and puts beautiful bodies and toplines on his kids.  Goldstone is a lovely blend of his two parents with his correct legs, long, deep body, lovely topline and stunning breed character.  I have been very pleased with the kids Gold has thrown.  He passes on his lovely conformation and greatly improves breed character.


Goldstone's Dam's ff Udder



Opal's ff udder

Green Gables SOF Dash of Freedom *B
4th generation - American

Sire: Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom
ss: VCH Beloved Freedom
sd: Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P
Dam: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace 1*P
ds: +*B Echo Hill's Jasper
dd: Green Gables Milk N'Honey Raisin

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 2/20/13

G6S Normal by parentage

DASH is a lovely buck with gorgeous conformation - long, wide and deep with strong feet and legs.  He has a lovely front end assembly with tight, sharp withers, a nice brisket and smooth blending. A great plus is that he has stayed very SMALL.  He is only 26" at the withers while most of my mature bucks are a good 3+" taller.  Dash's dam, Grace was also very small and has a lovely, tightly attached, correct udder with high butterfat milk.  She has stood the test of time holding up very well still having excellent attachments and strong feet and legs at 9 years old.  Dash's sire, Spice, has thrown some of my most correct udders and his daughters are excellent milkers. Dash is linebred on my first Echo Hill's buck who threw beautiful udders on his daughters.  Dash's dam, Grace, and his paternal granddam, Nutmeg, are both sired by +*B Echo Hill's Jasper. As an added bonus, Dash also has moonspots. Looking forward to using Dash on some of my taller does in 2017.

MiniNubian udder = MILK

Dam, Grace's udder

Virtual Show Record

Paternal granddam, Nutmeg's udder

Green Gables MB Amazing Comet *B
5th generation - American

1 VCH Leg

Sire: VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam *B (4th gen AM)
ss: +B Echo Hill's Shining Star (4th gen AM)
sd: Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P (3rd gen AM)
Dam: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace 1*P (4th gen AM)
ds: +*B Echo Hill's Jasper (3rd gen AM)
dd: Green Gables Milk N'Honey Raisin (3rd gen EX)

DOB: 2/10/14

G6S Normal by testing

COMET is a buckling that combines some of my favorite smaller lines and well attached udders.  His dam Grace, is only 25" tall, but a wonderful milker with a gorgeous udder that is tightly attached and easy to milk.  On his sire's side, he has Trillium, who is also a smaller doe at just under 25 and also produces a lot of milk from a VERY tightly attached udder.  Comet brings excellent breed character, length of bone and dairy character into one prettily marked package.

MiniNubian udder = MILK

Dam, Grace's udder


Paternal granddam, Trillium's udder

Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom

3rd generation - American
2 V-CH 'legs'

  Sire: VCH Beloved Freedom (3rd gen)
ss: Ramblers Fair Haired Boy (2nd gen)
sd: Rainbow Hill Freckle (3rd gen.)
Dam: Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P (2nd gen.)
ds: +*B Echo Hill's Jasper
dd: Carey's White Cloud 1*P

DOB: 3/27/10

G6S Normal by testing

SPICE is a beautiful buck out of one of my favorite does, Nutmeg.  Nutmeg's udder is soft and she is super easy to milk.  She also has high butterfat so her milk is very rich and sweet.  The first milk test of 2011, she gave 8.2#!!!  That's over 1 gallon in a 24 hour period.  VERY good for a doe that is only 25" tall and weighs barely 100#s.  She also has a will to milk - we milked her through in 2012-2013 for a 18+ month lactation.  Spice's dad is also from a line of milkers with great tasting milk.  Spice has gorgeous breed character with LONG, wide, pendulous ears.  His coloring is the icing on the cake with the red buckskin and MOONSPOTS.  Spice matured to have wonderful conformation. He is long, deep, wide, good brisket, smooth blending, good rear leg angulation, nice strong topline, tight elbows, great breed character, good feet and legs. But best of all, he puts lovely udders on his daughters. His daughters have very nice udders with long, easy to milk teats, good attachments, excellent production. and he improves breed character and adds color.  So far, he has given us 41 kids with most having beautiful breed character and lots of them with wild moonspots.  We LOVE his kids.  We have retained 5 of his daughters - Lady, Cami, Paris, Legacy & Nonny.  You can see pictures of his daughter's udders on his page by clicking on his name or photo.


Spice's Dam's Udder


Daughter's FF udder (see Spice's page for udder pictures of more daughters.

Mini Ranch BC Desert Thunder
2nd generation - Experimental

Sire: Honey Moon Farm Bing Crosby (2nd gen EX)
  ss: Honey Moon Farm Frank Sinatra (1st gen EX)
  sd: Honey Moon Farm Moonsong (2nd gen EX)
Dam: Lone Cottonwood PM Southern Bella *P (1st gen EX)
  ds: Red Lotus KD Pac-Man (ND)
  dd: Black Mesa Selenium (N) (out of a Six M Galaxy buck)

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 2/24/16

Percentage: 50/50 (Nubian/Nigerian)

G6S Normal by testing

THUNDER was purchased primarily because of his dam's amazing milk production.  She is on the taller side of MiniNubians (29"), but she produces more milk than many larger full size Nubians peaking at almost 2 gallons in one day!!!  Thunder has lots of milk on his sire's side as well.  Add to all that milk good conformation with strong feet and legs, excellent length of body, width and good breed character for a 2nd gen and this boy is just about everything I could want in a herdsire.  His dam has a nice udder with a strong medial, well placed and sized teats and amazing capacity.  Her udder has some mastitis damage on one side, so is uneven in pictures, but you can still get an idea of how nice it was.

Dam's full sister's udder

Virtual Show Record

Dam's udder (mastitis damage on right side)

Karmic Acres PR Honey Pot
Nigerian Dwarf

FOR SALE: $400

Sire: Helderberg TB Pacific Rush
  ss: GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil +*B Sire of top ten doe
  sd: CH Chenango-Hills Tatyana (dam is Top 10 doe Chenango-Hills Unique 5*D - milked nearly a gallon in one day!!!)
Dam: Kaapio Acres MH Honeysuckle 1*M
  ds: Rosasharn Manuka Honey *B (son of Top 10 doe SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D 'E' 3*M EEEE 91)
  dd: Kaapio Acres Periwinkle

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 3/7/16

G6S Normal by parentage

I have not used a Nigerian buck for YEARS, but when I saw this boys pedigree, I couldn't pass him up.  This boy is LOADED with MILKY genetics.  His pedigree is full of top ten milking Nigerians like SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D 'E', 3*M EEEE 91 who was top ten for MANY years as well as having a lifetime milk of 11,650# (dam's paternal granddam), Chenango-Hills Unique 5*D - Top 10 DHI & milked nearly a gallon in one day(!) (sire's maternal granddam and daughter of another top 10 doe), and SG Rosasharn P Haiku 4*D Top Ten DHI Breed Leader & ADGA 10 National GCH & Best Udder (sire's paternal granddam and daughter of another top 10 doe).   Honey Pot has lovely conformation and is always posing.  We have retained two of his daughters for our herd (Honeysuckle and Bubbles).

As much as I LOVE this buck and his pedigree, I have used him as much as I can in my herd, so must sell him... Asking $400.

Honey Pot's relatives...

Rush, Honey Pot's sire

Rush's dam, CH Chenango-Hills Tatyana (daughter of Chenango-Hills Unique 5*D Top 10 DHI and milked nearly a gallon in one day! Her sire is also out of a top ten doe)

Rush's sire, GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil +*B (son of SG Rosasharn HaikuP Haiku 4*D Top Ten DHI Breed Leader & ADGA 10 National Champion & Best Udder and a long line of top ten does and sire of a top ten doe GCH Chenango-Hills Lillibelle 6*M)

Honey Pot's  dam, Honeysuckle 

Honeysuckle's sire, Manuka Honey

Manuka's amazing dam, SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D 'E', 3*M EEEE 91

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