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2017-2018 Breeding Plan

To see more information on a particular goat, click on his or her picture.  To reserve a MiniNubian kid, see the information at the bottom of this page.

All breedings are subject to change.

Doe Buck

Due Date


of Kids

Price of Kids Comments


3/6/18 6th (PB)  $500  Distantly linebred on Molly, I expect excellent udders & milk production from this pairing

Dolly 3*P

Dash *B
3/14/18 5th  $500  Conformation, Udders and Milk with ideal size is my goal with this breeding


3/19/18 4th  $500   Spice has crossed really well with Moonbeam's line (see Lady & Cami), so really looking forward to this combination


3/13/18 5th  $475  Repeat breeding that produced some very nice kids in 2015.  Conformation & breed character were great


3/15/18 6th
$450  Same lines as the Liberty X Remmy cross, I expect excellent udders, milk production and conformation

Bliss *P

Dash *B
3/16/18 4th
(bucks will be *B) 
$450  I expect these kids to be the 'whole package' Breed character, MILK, Udders, conformation and size


Comet *B
  5th  $425  Breed character should be extreme on these kids w/excellent conformation.  Hoping to improve udder attachments


Dash *B 
3/20/18 5th  $425  Conformation, udders and breed character should be lovely with these kids as well as staying a good size


3/20/18 5th  $425  Breed character and milk should be excellent from this cross.  Conformation and topline should also be excellent

Trillium 2*P

3/9/18 4th  $425  Distantly linebreeding on Trillium, I am hoping for her topline, his ears and the milk and udders behind them both!


3rd  $425  UDDERS & MILK should be strong in these kids.  Moonspots highly likely as well.


Comet *B 
3/10/18 5th  $400  Breed character like crazy as well as milk &  udders.  Conformation w/ length of body and level toplines are expected


3/10/18? 5th  $400  Milk, toplines, breed character, size, these kids should also be the 'whole package'


  3rd  $400  Repeat breeding rom last year as we liked the kids.  Milk and small size with great conformation is the goal!



Comet *B
  4th  $400  Breed character, conformation, milk and correct udders with improved attachments and teat placement


3/14/18 4th $375  Combining some of my favorite lines (Molly, Trillium & Spice) I'm really looking forward to these 'whole package' kids


3/3/18? 4th  $375  Watch this moonspotted pair have plain kids!  But the breed character, udders & milk is enough to make this pairing exciting!


3/16/18 3rd  $375  MILK & UDDERS is my expectation from this pairing.


3/17/18 3rd $375  Repeat breeding from 2016 that produced a pair of GORGEOUS bucklings with awesome conformation and breed character.  Heavy milk behind these as well.

Misty Morning 

3/2/18 3rd $375  Another pairing likely to produce kids with excellent breed character, heavy milk production, correct udders and stay a nice size


  3rd  $375  Spice crosses well with Moonbeam's line (see Lady & Cami, so going for this one again (she didn't like him last year...)


3/19/18 2nd  $375  Brining in new lines from the dam, these kids should have excellent breed character and conformation as well as milk and udders


3/19/18 2nd  $375  Hoping Goldstone will bring her ears down while adding length of body & a level rump, while Birdie brings new, heavy milk genetics along w/nice conformation

Our Mini Nubian kids are sold in order of deposit received. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a kid. The deposit holds your place on my list of people who are looking for kids. I ask that you specify some things that you are looking for in your goat and what purpose he/she will serve. If we do not have a kid of the right sex or if we don't have a MiniNubian kid available that meets your stated criteria, your money will be refunded or you can transfer your deposit to a kid from the next year (deposits are otherwise non-refundable).  If we have a kid of the right gender for you that meets your criteria, you cannot choose to 'wait until next year' to get higher on the deposit list.  If we have a kid of the right gender for you that meets the criteria laid out by you at time of deposit, and you choose to wait until the next year (for whatever reason) your deposit for the next year will be dated as the day you chose to wait (rather than the day you sent the original deposit).  This will give buyers that are coming for the first time to have a fair chance at getting kids rather than having people wait and transfer deposits from year to year in hopes of getting '1st pick'.

Please fill out the form below or click here to email me if you are interested in reserving a Green Gables MiniNubian kid.  Deposits are taken via 'regular' mail.  We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm.

Kids can be picked up from 4-8 weeks old and must be picked up by 8 weeks old.  If kid does not leave Green Gables by 8 weeks old, there is a $2/day boarding fee.  At 8 weeks old, kids are still on the bottle/Lambar feeder.  I recommend bottle feeding kids until they are at least 12 weeks old.  This allows the new buyers to bond with the new kid and the kid with them in addition to giving the kid more nutrition.

All Green Gables kids (except for wethers or goats sold specifically for non-breeding) are sold with an application for registration with MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association).  All kids can also be registered with TMGR by sending a copy of their MDGA papers to TMGR.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in reserving a kid. MiniNubian Dairy Goats

Contact Information:

City, State, Zip

Comments/Questions (tell us a little about what you are looking for in a Mini Nubian kid):

Please select what sex kid(s) you are looking for:


Buckling (herdsire)

Wether (pet/4-H/companion etc.)

To help us help you choose the right kid, please check what you are looking for in a MiniNubian kid:

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Other, please specify:

We look forward to helping you find the perfect miniature dairy goat for your farm!

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